Third Annual

Evening Performance

                      Saturday, September 27th 2014

                  Branciforte Smalls Schools, Oak Tree Meadow
                           840 N Branciforte Ave
                            Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Weaving community together through the combination of storytelling and music, by performing an evening length storytelling event with unforgettable storyscapes to be performed for an inter-generational audience in Santa Cruz.

 Sirena Andrea was initiated into the world of teaching stories over 10 years ago when her work with children began. In addition to her passion for storytelling she is a devoted dancer, bringing an enchanting element of embodiment to all her stories.  She currently is the Artistic Director and Producer of the Annual Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival and this year's Artist in Residence at the 418 Project.  She strongly believes Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends hold hidden wisdom awakening the compassionate hearts of all who listen and is committed to creating a space for these stories to be told. 

 Erica Lann Clark's way of telling brings her audiences into the immediacy of storytelling where the teller disappears from view as the story takes hold. In her work, she blends traditional folklore and original stories, spicing her tales with an instinct for rambunctious humor and an ear for authentic voices. She loves to work at the crossroad where story meets theater.

 Glenn Kazmierski hails from the northerly land of La Svensva. He brings to us the tales that have been brewing in those forests over many dark winters. Last  year's festival marked his debut performance of The Captain's Tale to the audience's delight. Since then he has performed at all the SCSF events including the Benefit for the 2013 Bay Area Storytelling Festival. 

 Sage Lavine is a Spiritual Business Coach and Mentor for Transformational Women Entrepreneurs and considers herself to be a story-loving unretired camp counselor.  From the thousands of campers Sage inspired with folklore, to her current mission inspiring business women from all the world, Sage believes life is meant to be full of magic and that we are all meant to live our destiny together.

Yala Lati are women’s voices rising in harmony offering a tapestry of vocal music from around the world. We sing to each other and we sing to the community both in concert and in service. We enjoy singing in a few local spiritual centers and especially feel called to our work with the women who are incarcerated at the Blaine St. women’s jail. Our Director, Heather Houston, has held a vision of women collaborating through song and witnessing each other in sacred circle as a means to remembering the ancient spirit of sisterhood. Yala Lati is harmony within our bodies, voices, and group mindset. We remind each other and ourselves of our connection to our beauty and spirit and are joyous about sharing the journey with others… It is a great honor and privelage to be a member of Yala Lati!

Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival